Amazon Trans Azaneth!

Amazon Trans Azaneth! Take a look at this woman. Yes she is 100% trans and super fucking hot. She stands at 5′ 11” and has a huge set of titties and also a big cock. Her cock here does not look that big because its not hard yet. And when compared to the rest of her body it looks a bit small. But trust us she is a hung shemale with a 10 inch piece of meat that gets rock hard.  Click a banner right now to enjoy the rest of this photo set and also the movie that was being made at the same time.

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Guys. Please do realize that we are not being rude or disrespectful with our description of Azaneth. Amazon Trans Azaneth is just to describe how she really looks. She not only calls her self that but she fits the description and its HOT. Just imagine that she is an amazon from the famed stories. Running naked on an island hunting and doing what ever she wants. with the power of a mans body but the beauty and curves of the woman you most desire. Able to hold you in loves embrace and satisfy herself and then you. Thrusting your cock into her ass for you. Showing you how she wants to to fuck her. Then she flips you over and puts her big shemale hammer into your ass and shows you again.


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