anal toy

I dont know about you but I do love to watch a hot and hung trans girl playing with an anal toy. And this one is Vivian. Not only hung, but with big tits, thick and juicy thighs and some big tranny titties on her as well. And that Ass! Oh boy that ass is big and ready for some anal action.

Now for those of you who have never been with a trans girl you might not know some of the things that they do. First of all its kind of hard to just stick a big or huge cock into your ass. So the best thing to do is heat things up really well. This usually starts out with kissing and caressing. Then it moves to cock sucking of each other and also some ass licking and fingering. Then once you are really hard and getting hot its time to open your ass and hers as well using an Anal toy!

Now that your ass is lubed and open from the toy you can finally take her big cock deep. Or she can take yours. Either way its going to be an ass pounding and deep ass fucking good time that is going to make you cum. Click right now to get off with her!

Sit back and watch as Viv plays with her ass hole and huge cock getting ready for a fuck. Watch and enjoy this lucky anal toy!

Also do not forget that you can see the rest of this movie by clicking on the image below or a text link!
Anal toy

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