Fishnet Stockings! Can you even see them in this photo?

Fishnet Stockings! Can you even see them in this photo? So this is Mariana Cordoba and yes she has her own site. You can see that right here! But since she is one of the best hung shemales online, we wanted to show her here as well. If you have never seen Mariana in Fishnet Stockings before you must live under a fucking rock. And in case you can not tell she has on Fishnet stockings in this photo. I know you are blinded by the size of her cock.


Ok I know what you are thinking. How would I ever see her in this before? Certainly not out in public. And that my friend is where you would have been wrong. Mariana is known to put on a very small skirt and mount her cock and then go out in stockings like these. Imagine the short denim skirt, High heels and these stockings as she struts through a mall.

Big titties bouncing around under her thin blouse. And you watching and knowing that if you get her attention and start to rub your cock over your jeans her cock will get hard and start to show.  And once her cock starts to grow long its going to need some attention.

Now that she is watching you take her some place behind the scenes at the mall. And either bend her over and fuck her ass hole. Or get on your knees and suck her cock until she is ready to shoot her load.

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Fishnet Stockings

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