Hung Creamy Trans

Take a look at this Hung Creamy Trans. Now if your asking why we are referring to her as creamy its actually quite simple. Nelly was playing with cream or lotion as most people call it. She had it all over her hands and body and had uses so much that she could not get it to sink into her skin any more. So it created a creamy look. Hence the Hung creamy trans comments.

Nelly loves to use cream on her body. To keep her skin as smooth as she can. Also to keep it with a nice soft glow to it. That way men are more likely to touch her. Can you just imagine touching this amazing skin? How wonderful it would feel. Silky and smooth and so soft. Touching her tits with the cream on. Rubbing your hands across her nipples and making them hard as they gently slide across. As your hand crosser Nelly’s nipples you will see her cock twitch with each pass. With enough passes over her nipples her cock will be hard.

Click on the image below to check out more of this set.
Hung Creamy Trans

Your going to love watching the part where she starts to rub the cream into her cock and it gets hard. Its an amazing video. Click now to see more!

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