Hung Karla Carrillo

So this is it guys. That photo you have been looking for and wanting. Its the photo of Hung Karla Carrillo with her cock out. And as you can see that beautiful love tool is hanging. Karla has a nice big cock on her. Its almost 11 inches. But it is also very very fat. Close to 7 inches she tells us. That means that she has a whole lot of cock for you to play with.

Now you can see here that it looks pretty damn big and she is not even hard yet. In fact Hung Karla Carrillo had not even touched her cock in this set but to get it out of her panties. So you can imagine what its going to look like as it grows fatter and harder when she is playing with it. Karla also has a nice big set of tits on her and you really need to see her naked. That way you get a view of the whole package and can better see her.

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Hung Karla Carrillo

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