Hung Karla Carrillo

When people say that a picture is work a thousand words, I truly do not believe they have seen the photos of Hung Karla Carrillo. Because the instant you see the photo below your going to have a billion words fly through your brain trying to describe what you see and how much you want it. The first word or phrase that people think when seeing Hung Karla Carrillo like this is OMG or Holy hell.

Yes thats right. Her cock truly is that big. Longer than you actually see here because she is not yet hard. And Fat. In fact its even bigger than you can imagine and most men cant get that cock into their mouths. Watching Karla tuck this amazing piece of meat back is a balancing act that is amazing and sensual as hell. But she does it when wearing skirts and very small shorts. She simply has to or that cock will pop out when she is in public.

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Hung Karla Carrillo

You can clearly see now why we refer to her as Hung Karla Carrillo and why she has a favored spot in the website HungShemales And her own site Karla Carrillo. And you really do not want to miss out on seeing more of her with that massive cock. And yes! It gets hard just for you.

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