Hung Ladyboy Panties.

So would you imagine that Hung Ladyboy Panties are any different than that of a ladyboy or trans with an average to small cock? Well I am sorry to say or maybe I am happy to say that the panties are the same. Usually that is. Most of the time even Hung Ladyboy Panties are the same as you might see in the regular stores. The real difference is that we have to tuck our cock back and use something to hold it in place. However when we are feeling sexy we will just put our cock in the panties like you see in my photo below.

And the answer is yes I do often go out with my cock like this. However I have to be careful what I am wearing because if my cock gets hard then I need to be able to hide it. In jeans its easy. Wearing a skirt or dress with a hard cock is not so easy!

Hung Ladyboy Panties

Sometimes being a hung ladyboy presents challenges that other girls don’t have. Other times it give me advantages. If you want to talk about those two different things let me know. I would love to tell you all about it. We can do it over a nice glass of wine!

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