Hung Spread Sapphire Young.

Hung Spread Sapphire Young!

So I am sure that you surf around looking for that perfect photo to enjoy. By enjoy I of course mean to masturbate looking at and shoot your man batter all over your keyboard and hands. So while going through some of my photos I found this one and thought that you might like it. Its me, Hung Spread Sapphire Young.

This is actually a shower scene but I stripped naked right there. That is the reason I have on the panties and the heels. I got to this point in the striptease and then squatted down and got this rather hot shot.

No, my cock was not 100% hard yet. Just very chubby. So it was laying off to the side on my leg just like that when the photo was taken. If you ask me, its a rather hot photo of me being Hung spread Sapphire Young.

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Hung Spread Sapphire Young

In this photo I dont think that I look very hung. But I am. I have a 9.87 inch cock and that makes me qualify. At least thats what men tell me when I pull out my cock. ” Oh wow your hung ” And on occasion, ” Ouch no thats to big! ” jijijij.

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