Keira Verga in Lingerie

Keira Verga in lingerie is quite a site to behold. You can tell that she has a killer body but the sexy lingerie hides the parts we want to see most. For those of you who do not know Keira she is a 20 something trans that started her website when she was just 18. She wanted to become famous and let her fans follow the changes in her body. The great thing is, that her face has remained absolutely the same since she started her transition.

The Keira Verga in lingerie set below was shot about 8 weeks after she got her implants and we think that she looks stunning. Keira had no skin tone changes after the surgery and she was so happy with her new tits that she was showing them off to everyone! So we send out a big thank you to Keria

She now tells us that when guys buy her lingerie that the outfits look great. And by this sample image we have to agree. I have never seen cleavage like this on her before but can not wait to see more and more.

Keira Verga in Lingerie

If you want to see this body naked simply click the image above or a text link. This set is custom and exclusive to her Website members area. And its a must see. That big tranny cock is coming out and getting hard for you to enjoy!

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