Packed Transparent panties

Do you know what we mean when we say Packed Transparent panties? Of course you know I mean really. It spells it out for you. These panties are packed with one of the biggest trans girl cocks you will ever see. And these panties are transparent. Hence making them Packed Transparent panties! And ohhh how fucking hot that is. Dont you agree? Click right now, right here <---- Packed panties no matter who has them on are always sexy. But when the packed panties have a cock this big. Well thats something special. You can actually see that Mariana Cordoba has rolld her cock into them and pushed it down so that it does not show. Furthermore you can see that her packed panties are straining to hold that massive cock and those big trans girl balls in. To the point that you just want to reach out and caress them. Packed transparent panties

Did I also mention that these are transparent panties? Well I am now and as you can see, you can see right through the cloth. You can actually note that her big tranny cock is rolled up and packed nice and tight with her big balls. Those transparent panties are the sexiest thing you will ever find. And can you just imagine these on your favorite trans girl?

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