There are many parts of the clothing that trans girls wear that we all love. But I think one of the hottest things they wear is the stockings and of course the high heels. The rest of the clothing is not quite as important. As long as it’s something semi sexy, the stockings and high heels make the whole look complete! That of course means excitement for you and I. Just take a look at Mariana in the photo below to see exactly what I am talking about.

Now yes I know that she is naked. But that is the whole idea of this post. She is hot naked. But with the stockings and the high heels well it just adds to it so much. It makes you want to be there to touch those legs and feet. Maybe even kiss them starting at her toes inside the heels and work you way up.

You can also see that Mariana loves the feeling of being naked with just the lingerie. She liked to look so much that her cock was rock hard. Just sit back. Drool a little and enjoy this photo. Then click it to go and see the rest of the photo set and also the movie.


By the way. That cock is going to shoot a hot load for you. So make sure you watch it right now.

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