Ass outdoors

Getting a girl to flash when someplace outdoors is fun. And its hot and turn on. But getting to see ass outdoors is so much more. I mean it takes a special kind of hot for a girl to do what we have in the photo below of TaniaQ. And that is some ass outdoors. Not just her ass cheeks. But her ass hole showing and ready for your cock to penetrate her. As with almost all trans girls. She loves Anal. And TaniaQ will take a hard anal fuck anywhere she can. So make sure to get into her as soon as you can.

The day this hot ass outdoors photo was taken, Tania was at a public park and she found a side road just off the main. She walked down and started to pose. When she got on her hands and knees and thrust her ass up into the air and then pulled her skirt up. Well we knew we had her in the perfect nut busting position. And that side boob shot there just adds to how hot this tight tranny ass is. So scroll down a bit and take a look. Then Click on the image and check out the members area to get the rest of the photo set as well as the BTH video.

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Ass outdoors

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