Jean shorts

I guess there is a time and place for everything. And one of those things for sure is Jean shorts. And the time and place for jean shorts is definitely the beach. And especially when the girl wearing them happens to have on an amazing thong bikini under them. That makes watching her take her shorts of so sexy that its hard to understand. So make sure if you get that chance. To just sit there and stare and enjoy the hotness of it.

Now that day in particular you can tell it was quite sunny. So the shorts did not stay on for long. And those big tits came out kind of quick. But the hot part was when Karla decided to get that thick juicy cock of hers out and swing it around. And trust me when I say she has a thick juicy cock. I am not kidding. In fact once you see this thick juicy cock you wont ever forget her. Stunning and amazing are two of the words that you will think of when you see.

Click on the image below right now so that you can watch as Karla strips off her shorts and then her bikini on a public beach.

Jean Shorts

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