Gym Shorts

I think we all love to see a girl with a nice big ass wearing gym shorts. But for me, my favorite girl to wear gym shorts is a girl with a big ass and a big cock. Some girls are good at hiding it. Most are not. And then some girls in gym shorts just can not hide their big cock because they have a cock that’s just too big to hide. Now I have a photo below of a trans girl wearing shorts just like we are talking about. As you will see they look amazing on her ass. However!

The front of the shorts is the part that you really need to see. Yes that is Angeles Cid and we all know she has a very very big cock. So you really need to see how she hides it when wearing shorts like this. And trust me. This is HOT.

Do not wait for the next photo or video sample to come along. Click right now on the image below or a text link. You definitely will not want to miss out on anything in Angele’s website. Its all hot and you will shoot so many loads just looking at her. Click right now!

Gym Shorts

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